Easter Message from Gareth Wallace; outgoing Executive Director of the CCF

As we reflect on Easter we are reminded of Jesus life of service and sacrifice for all. May we be inspired and encouraged as Christians to continue to model and reflect in our own small way the Christian values of service and selflessness.

 Our goal in the CCF has been and continues to be, the raising up the next generation of Christian Conservative elected representatives as once again we support CCF members standing in the upcoming local Council elections, and those selected for the Candidates List. The Government has a huge range of competing priorities and pressures at any time, but we are perhaps living through the most historic period in recent political History.

We are encouraged as the Conservative Christian Fellowship Family that we are helping mentor the next generation of elected public servants.

It has been a roller coaster over the last three years, with a Brexit referendum, London Mayoral, Local Council and a General Election to fight. The Conservative Christian Fellowship embraced these electoral challenges, with more excellent candidates coming from our IMPACT course. We enjoyed a real sense of fellowship and camaraderie on the campaign trail.

The relationships we have been able to build with Churches and Charities have meant that the CCF has hosted more events in Parliament and at Party Conference with a higher profile than ever before.

With Christians in Politics going from strength to strength, our witness to the Church continues to grow. With ever more platforms to encourage Christians to join the CCF and recruit for the IMPACT course we are in a strong place to build for the future of Christian representation in politics regardless of the buffeting winds of political circumstance.

It has been the professional privilege of my life to serve for the past three years and three months as the Executive Director of the Conservative Christian Fellowship.

I took on as my motto for engagement in politics three words; service, sacrifice and season. We are all called to service, sometimes at sacrificial levels of time and energy, but we are all called for a season, so we can pass on responsibility, stewarding what we have been given for those who come after us.

The time is now right for me to exit the CCF stage and take up a new role in the Christian Charity Sector.

My final Prayers for the Nation on Tuesday 7th May will be an opportunity to say goodbye and thank you. We will be praying for our political candidates in the Chapel in Parliament followed by a Curry Club reception at CCHQ. You would be very welcome to join us for prayer and or for refreshments. You can book here: https://www.theccf.co.uk/events

I will remain an active Conservative Party and CCF member. We have an excellent board and an experienced staff team. I look forward to seeing you all in prayer, in Parliament, or out on the Campaign trail.

With my grateful thanks for your support without which the Conservative Christian Fellowship could not continue to be salt and light in these historic times.

Let me wish you a happy, restful and peaceful Easter,