The CCF Story

We have been on quite the journey, and here we share with you that very story.

Since 1990, when David Burrowes MP and Tim Montgomerie founded the CCF we have been privileged to serve as a bridge between the Conservative Party and the Church as well as be the Christian fellowship within the Party. 

Our vision is to encourage Christian values at the heart of Government. We are delighted when people who shall this vision stand with us. Our great strength is in the relationships we build between politicians and the Christian world. We are a dynamic fellowship that actively brings groups together to achieve our vision. 

Our regular prayer and policy events in Parliament and at Party Conference are a vital part of building this positive engagement between Christian Charities and Churches and MPs and Ministers.

We are passionate about mentoring and equipping the CCF membership to enjoy campaigning alongside our candidates at local and national elections. We see our aim to train up and release the next generation of Christian elected representatives. 

We contribute to the life and thinking of the Conservative Party and seek to build a strong, relational bridge between the party and the Christian community. We facilitate meetings between the Christian community and the party on various policy areas such as education, international development, home affairs and community cohesion.

Our members range from those who just vote Conservative and want to pray and encourage decision makers to Conservative MPs, Councillors and Peers. The CCF has members all over the UK and is an interdenominational fellowship.

The CCF is to be commended for the way in which it has provided real and practical support to MPs, Councillors and many others in the political environment, over very many years.
— Fiona Bruce MP

What We've Achieved

  • CCF has been running successfully for 28 years.

  • 2017 saw 4 MPs, 2 Ministers, 1 Cabinet Minister and 2 Bishops join us for the CCF fringe events at the Conservative Party Conference. Maximum attendance of 89.

  • 2018 saw 5 MPs, 1 Peer, 3 Ministers, 2 Cabinet Ministers and 2 Bishops join us for the CCF fringe events at the Conservative Party Conference. Maximum attendance of 128..